Thirumalai Charity Trust (TCT) has completed more than thirty years of rural service. TCT was established in 1970 in Mumbai by the founders of the Thirumalai Group as a special vehicle to support educational and health projects. From the beginning it was involved in developing the S.I.W.S. Institutions in Mumbai. On 9th June 1983, with two employees, TCT started its first health dispensary in Tiruvalam, in N. Arcot District of Tamilnadu. In 1988 TCT had to wind down its first health initiative, as it did not have a community base then. The experience in the early years taught TCT the need to have community involvement and participation for long-term sustenance and growth.

Since then, towards 'Bringing the poor in building their own future', through an integrated approach to development, and by focusing on women empowerment, TCT has been able to start several activities, encompassing almost every aspect of rural life - Health, Women's development, Disability, Alcoholism, Children's education, Veterinary care, Agricultural Training and many more. In delivering its services in the villages, TCT has created a pool of volunteers and action groups. It also partners with other organizations to deliver their services. It enables the people to access assistance from Government Schemes. TCT started its community health service in 4 villages in 1989. TCT is now engaged in primary healthcare in 315 villages in 50 Panchayats covering a population of 1,60,000 in 35,000 families in Vellore District of Tamilnadu.

TCT's activities of the last 30 years have touched thousands of lives in many of its programmes. TCT enjoys great goodwill in the village communitees. For implementation of its programmes, TCT counts on the involvement of its many health volunteers, SHG women and entrepreneurs, treated patients, alcoholics and disabled persons and their families who have been part of the programmes. In the past 30 years TCT has provided effective rural health care service with strong community support.

With this experience, TCT confidently founded the Thirumalai Mission Hospital in April 2010 - a quality Hospital to serve all sections of society. TCT hopes to develop this into a replicable model of a Secondary Care Hospital that is viable, and provides quality, ethical, accessible and affordable rational health care.

TCT set up the Thirumalai Institute of Paramedical Training in the hospital in 2013. It offers short term courses for para nursing and multipurpose assistants for rural high school passed girls.

The N.R. Swamy Centenary Rehab Centre was started in 2014 to provide treatment and rehabilitation service to persons addicted to alcohol.

The Thirumalai Mission Health and Medical Research Unit has been initiated in 2015 to carry out epidemiological studies, community health research and clinical trials. This is now registered with the Drug Control Authority of India.

With a focus on its mission, TCT is combating the widely prevalent 'silent' diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity, arthritis, common cancers, childhood asthma and allergy with relevant interventions in a cost effective way. As its team of multipurpose workers and field officers provide family care through volunteers and community based organizations, the team of medical consultants and hospital staff evolve programmes and structure them for effective delivery.

The hospital designed as a not for profit community hospital is built on a 5-acre plot with the needed facilities for outpatient and inpatient care including lab and diagnostics, pharmacy, dietary, ambulance and transport, etc. The electronic medical record system and the integrated hospital software aid in making the delivery efficient.

The vision is to build a healthcare model relevant for India and to build a community healthcare and academic and research institution.