Training and Teaching

Thirumalai Charity Trust has established a convention of training different cadres for many years, gaining expertise in community health. Such trained staff are found to be effective and many of them have continued to stay with TCT. With the addition of TMH, our expertise has grown to train medical, nursing, and technical staff as we have experienced faculty from the various academia. Our goal is to provide the community holistic health care with the well trained field and medical staff. Our approach is unique because it combines community health expertise with the latest medical expertise.

Clinical Care Extenders

We offer a six-month course for five Clinical Care Extenders. The Clinical Care Extenders Course was started to fill a gap in nursing staff shortage. The CCE students help support the Nursing staff by taking over the basic duties of the Nurse, thereby allowing the full time Nurses to focus on more complicated procedures. The first three months consisted of acquiring knowledge and skills in basic nursing and other procedures performed in the Hospital like monitoring vital signs, providing basic nursing care and helping the patient be comfortable. They are able to multi task and assist in health promotion. In Physiotherapy, they assist in preparing patients for their sessions, setting up equipment for use, and assist the therapist in the treatment itself.

Academic Sessions

Periodic academic sessions are held for the medical team where doctors present interesting case studies from their work and share their experiences with their colleagues. In these sessions they also receive input form experienced consultants on the cases they present. These sessions encourage young doctors to participate proactively in the treatment of diverse cases. The nursing and the technical staff receive continuous training in the hospital to acquire new knowledge and upgrade their skills.

External Training and Exposure

Medical, nursing, technical, and field staff are sent to other organizations to attend training, conferences, and seminars. The learnings from such events are shared with their peers and are incorporated in their daily practice. We also offer opportunities for additional training with external experts on topics like emotional intelligence, communication, diabetes, and nursing.

Multi-Purpose Assistants

A six-month theory cum practical course is organized for the Multi-Purpose Assistants. The course is designed to enable local high school passed girls to carry out different kinds of health and development work at the village level. On successful completion of training, the assistants are recruited for our community health service.

Training for PG courses for doctors

Plans are in process to conduct formal PG courses in diabetology, family medicine, and occupational health.

In house Training

Training is an on-going activity in the organization.

All the newly recruited staff go through orientation and induction training for the job for a month.

All the staff of primary healthcare and hospital go through in-house training on the job as well as in periodic sessions.

For the nursing staff bi-weekly sessions are conducted on relevant current issues they see in the hospital.

The lab technicians receive practical training for 2 days every 3 months.

All the primary healthcare staff are trained in a new topic that they will incorporate in their education sessions in the community.